2 thoughts on “EFF: How to Avoid the Database of Intentions”

  1. Even if a handful of people keep their stuff private, the key issue – privacy for the masses – is not resolved.

    In fact it can’t be resolved because privacy for the masses is an illusion. The data keeps marching on and into massive databanks all over the world, and we better start figuring out how to regulate how companies and people and Govts USE our data, not trying to stuff it back in the Pandora’s box of electrons from which it came.

  2. What are the similarities between the recent AOL search data and the data handed over to the US Gov by Microsoft, Yahoo and others ?
    Could the identities of many be extracted from the US Gov search data along with their queries ?
    If Google had lost the case and handed over the data would this be a nearly complete profile of every web user ?
    Why aren’t aggregation of data covered by electronic privacy laws given that identities can be extracted from them ?

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