MSN Most Relevant For Insurance Companies In Cincinnati

SEW points to YAS (yet another study) which shows that MSN wins in an unscientific relevance test. One would not want to generalize to the billions of results (and infinite queries) that search provides, but if you're looking for insurance quotes in Ohio, brother, you're golden. From the study's…


SEW points to YAS (yet another study) which shows that MSN wins in an unscientific relevance test. One would not want to generalize to the billions of results (and infinite queries) that search provides, but if you’re looking for insurance quotes in Ohio, brother, you’re golden. From the study’s intro:

We didn’t start out attempting to figure out which search engines were most relevant, we started out looking for holes in the results. Then we would structure our marketing and search engine optimization projects to fill the holes. This makes it much easier to grab new customers than simply going after the most popular keyword.

To target the holes, we needed to know three things. Which terms to target, where the holes were, and what kind of site was currently filling the hole. Then we could construct a marketing and SEO program that would cost less, and be more effective.

This example was taken from ananalysis for an insurance company in Cincinnati Ohio.

We do our initial research and come up with the twenty search terms for insurance and the types of insurance this company sells. They are most concerned with increasing the auto insurance business.

Our research shows that the most popular term is Cincinnati insurance. We do our research and find that most of the results in the first two pages are well optimized pages, and it’s going to take quite a bit of work to crack.

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  1. The various Major Search Engines ALGOS appear NOW to be stronger at certain TYPES of queries than others.

    Real hard core Searchers can now almost predict which engine to use – depending on the queries they are using.

    for example:
    Do a search for the terms HOME and another for FAILURE, comes up the most relevant (because or SSP)

    Google appears now, to be obsessed with cleansing itself or all Spam – even at the cost of innocent quality sites being banned. The extreme emphasis on Quality Link Popularity … also means that the Largest or most Connected Web sites appear on the SERPs… even if they are not “Conceptially” relevant for the query.

    MSN position appears to be one of getting overall relevant results, even if there is a very minor percentage of SPAM…. For the Overall Good of the Index.

    Yahoo appears to site somewhere in the middle for now.

  2. I’ve enjoyed reading the bizarre grammatical style of ‘search engines web’ for the past year. The broken sentences, run-on’s, and bizarre placement of logical conclusions remind me of my third grade step brother. Let alone the website.

  3. MSN is attacking Google in several areas at the same time.

    1. Better search results
    2. MSN AdCenter offerings including Superior GeoDemographic research and targeting
    3. IE7 search box defaulting to MSN
    4. Windows Live.

    In two years, MSN and Google may be about equal in influence – a lot can happen in two years.

  4. >>1. Better search results
    I dont think that microsoft can serve better reults than Big G , not yet and not in future…
    >>MSN AdCenter offerings including Superior GeoDemographic research and targeting
    Targeting is a feature that easily can implemented in every searchengine and not really a good feature.
    >>Windows Live.
    Not really a reason to use msnsearch…

    >>IE7 search box defaulting to MSN
    That the point , including this function in IE7 bring lots of more msnsearch users than the other 3 points above !!!

  5. I worked on the study. To clear up a little confusion I’ve added another link with the controlled searches. There are 50 searches that do not change from report to report. A link to that data is now on the home page of It’s a fairly large document (about 190K) but it may clear up some of the confusion.

  6. Insurance relevant? There is a lot of spam in the insurance results and I find that MSN and Yahoo are far easier to manipulate and spam then Google tends to be. Many of the techniques like guestbook/blog spam, massive sitewide links, and other shady strategies for building up search rankings can be seen quite easily for any major query for insurance on yahoo and msn. I also see pages that do the “quick refresh” and redirect you to another site appear much more often on MSN then Google. I can’t remember the lsat time I saw that on Google.

    I work as an online marketing manager for a large marketing firm which connects consumers to local insurance agents. We have a platinum level spend with Google/Yahoo/MSN and the company has been in the search space since the beginning of the industry. Its my job everyday to manage these campaigns and examine search results and think of natural ways the site can do better, in addition to pay per click. Whenever I look at results for a range of insurance terms in Yahoo and MSN, I always see some shady junk up there.

    For example, do a search for “health insurance quotes”. The first site: does a fast redirect to another page when you click on it. I’ve seen a number of domains like this that take you to a different page and domain than is advertised in the search engine.

    Further, if you examine the link structure of that site, you will very quickly see guestbook comments, referral spam, blog spam, and a whole host of other questionable linking strategies. Every search engine can be affected by this, but MSN results are fairly heavily filled with this for competetive terms. All you have to do is dig a little to see the problems their algorithm has with filtering link quality.

    Michael @ SEOG

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