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  1. Hi John,

    Are you doing a public/book appearances while in NYC? I went to the one you had over at the bookstore near Grand Central (I think it was Colloseum)and you mentioned you would do a more widespread one (timing was wrong last Sept/Oct); any update on that?

  2. ATLAS is in the news with a new release to time with the MIX ’06, Gates Keynote

    There is also an Atlas contest for Webmasters using the technology

    and of course, the class action Google Banning Suit is getting SEO forum attention

  3. CHAT in Real-Time with One another on this site without any downloading
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    This is also good for JB when breaking news – but unable to post

  4. One thing you have to do is to travel to one of the biggest and wonderful places on earth – I mean NYC it´s big and loud but also pretty and nice.

  5. I just posted about this on my web site.

    Google Finance
    Those who know me know that I have been a particularly strong advocate of Google starting their own Finance page. Well, starting today, they finally have released Google Finance. Personally, I think that GMoney would have been a better name, but that is their call.

    One of my best friends works at Google, and I sent him the following e-mail outlining my thoughts on the product:

    1) There is no link to portfolio from the front page. The portfolio is “hidden” 2-3 clicks deep. This is a bad design feature. The portfolio, on the other hand, is very elegant and easy to use.

    2) The area to click on the letter on the flash charts is too small. You must click directly on the letter, when it is intuitive to click anywhere on the box. I repeatedly “miss” on my clicks and I am a pretty experienced computer user 😉 Please ask them to expand the area to click on the box.

    3) There is no logic after you click on a news event that is outside of the “shown” news items. It nicely scrolls down so that the event you clicked on is 2nd to last in the news items. Why did the coders decide 2nd to last? Why not the middle? Or why not keep it at the end?

    4) I really do not like how when the user moves to a 6 month view, and scrolls back a year or two, the user does not return to today when click on “1D.” This should automatically take you to the current day.

    5) The date range on the charts is NOT prominent enough.

    6) Before the market opens, I really don’t want to see a bunch of “N/A”‘s. Show me something meaningful or yesterday’s or take it out.

    7) You mentioned that a grandma should be able to use and understand everything. Why aren’t there links to describe what “BETA,” “P/E,” or “MKT CAP” are? Where do those numbers come from?

    8) Under the management section, I honestly cannot believe how much screen real estate GFinance is wasting on the FULL title of the management’s team. 85-90% of people only look at management to see how much they get paid. Yahoo! has it right in the front. That is truly the only thing people care about management. At least put it on the popup box.

    9) Finance people are going to hate the inability to download the financial information to CSV or XLS.

    10) Finance people are going to be confused with seeing Total Revenue and Gross Profit WITHOUT COGS.

    ** MAJOR BUG ** 11) For GOOG, the cash flow statements are backwards. On all the other financial pages, you show the quarterly info first, but for SCF, you show annual information the first. In addition, for the company financial box, the WRONG NUMBERS are appearing under quarterly. It is displaying the same numbers for quarterly and annual. I double-checked this for CRAI, and the problem is worse. The SAME NUMBERS are being shown for balance sheet and SCF under quarterly and annual. This needs to be fixed immediately! This can cause major problems for people.


    Bottom line: I see no advantage to using this product over yahoo finance. I see many disadvantages. No export for stock prices or balance sheet info.

    GFinance should have been AT LEAST as good as Y! finance plus more functinoality and easier to use. Allow exporting multiple company’s balance sheet or stock info. Have links describing what numbers mean. Have links straight from financials to SEC statements. Integrate analyst estimates into a new section. Allow easy ways to compare company financials.

    This falls far short of what it could have been. I think it will be ridiculed in the press. Let’s wait and see for the rest of the day.

  6. So, I was just thinking how this plays into the grand scheme of things. Would publishers using AdSense that might be in the financial world upset at Google for attempting to steal their traffic? In turn they take down the ads, and Google loses on one side but gains on another. Yahoo has always been in that game, so a financial site can’t blame them for being financial as well. I think trying to be everything to everybody is bound to backfire someday.

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