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  1. This is a bizzare abuse of power. There is absolutely NO justification into prying into their romantic lives.

    Even if it could be rationalized that Larry and Eric – because of Google’s IPO and Global Icon Status – are in a gray area of being public figures, the lady involved is NOT. It is absolutely brash to invade her privacy! πŸ™

    What gives them the right, ethically :?!

  2. Well apparently Mr. Battelle had the courage to report it in his book, in spite of potential repercussions. He also mentioned that Marissa only flies redeye flights because she “wouldn’t want to miss a single workday.” You get the feeling he is just chipping around the edges. πŸ™‚

  3. Not sure why this is really news. How much would any of us want our relationship news public? If there is something relevant in a relationship besdies gossip, then OK, that is news. But I’m not sure how this adds to any of the discussion. Again, people are free to say what they will and I respect that, just not sure why John made it a point here to link to it.

  4. John F Kennedy was a great American president. His relationship with Marilyn Monroe has never been proven; your insinuation is scurrilous. Nor do I see how any affair would be relevant to a discussion of his political record. Shame on you, John Battelle.

  5. Oh, geez. “Invade her privacy”? Privacy is an illusion, especially on the internet. She’s dating a young billionaire whose company happens to be extremely popular right now — what did she expect? No, it may not be *news,* but it’s harmless gossip, and she should probably get used to it (or get another boyfriend).

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