I'll be taking this coming week off, spending it with family for our kids' winter break. I plan to stay online, but not post very much. Happy searching….

I’ll be taking this coming week off, spending it with family for our kids’ winter break. I plan to stay online, but not post very much. Happy searching.

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  1. John: Enjoyed very much your presentation at the FAST mtg in Miami. Your comment about all Yellow page sites “look like made by the same company” is right on.
    My company is using a new relevancy approach which steers user to the “right answer”. Research proves right answer within two or three easy steps. Takes user to the “transaction” quickly. Up March 1.

  2. Everyone needs to take a break every now again. What better way to do that than spending time with family?

    Enjoy your time off, but don’t forget about us. We’ll be waiting for your speedy return.

  3. Hi, my name is maria Zuppello and I’m the first Italian reporter getting alone, with a small digital camera, without a crew to Antarctica.
    I’m writing from New York where I’m working on a documentary about bioweapons with Danny Schechter. Former CNN and CBS producer Danny won 2 Emmy Awards and he’s famous all around the world to be “the news dissector”: every day he criticizes the American Media System.
    I have been creating a blog about my experience with him
    and he has his own blog
    You can write in Italian as well as in English and Spanish
    Keep in touch!

  4. Hi John,

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  5. I think the real reason you’re taking a break is that you checked the new Google horoscope widget, and realized that it was time to spend more time with loved ones:

    (See the widget done by Adam S., of Google, Inc. Not Adam S., on his own free time. But Adam S., of Google. So much for that “no chat, no horoscopes” philosophy…)


    But all kidding aside.. enjoy your break.

  6. Don’t fail to report your take on David and Doug’s Mashup Camp in Mountain View. I’m still digesting the experience but I believe it was some sort of web milestone. It was certainly the most energetic and innovative conference I’ve ever attended.

  7. This would be a perfect time to take advantage of a free Audio Blog service like…

    What a better way to demonstate Web 2.0

    Imagine, creating an audio blog and linking to it from your Blog, so that you can still “post” even in those hectic periods of your life….

    Think abou it…

    Will you be at SES NYC?
    What do you think about Both Google and Microsoft offering free Hosting in the same week?

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