An Absolutely Self Interested Post

Several readers have sent me mail telling me how they've purchased The Search as a Holiday gift for office mates or family and friends. A couple have even sent boxes of them to me so I can personalize them for the office. That makes me a happy happy author….

Thesearch Bookcover-SantaSeveral readers have sent me mail telling me how they’ve purchased The Search as a Holiday gift for office mates or family and friends. A couple have even sent boxes of them to me so I can personalize them for the office. That makes me a happy happy author.

It struck me that I should perhaps promote the book as a good Holiday gift right here on my site. After all, if anyone might appreciate such a plea, it’d be you guys. So here’s my offer. If you want, buy the book and then let me know you did. In the body of the email, write a short inscription you’d like printed on a book plate (a sticker/label) and I’ll print it on the label, sign it, and mail it to you (include your mailing address as well). That solves the problem of sending the book back and forth, now I just have to mail a label to you. Then you can stick the label on the inside cover or first blank page of the book. Voila, a personalized holiday gift!

If you think this sounds cool, why then first buy the book on Amazon or wherever, then email me with your address, message, and perhaps a snippet of the purchase confirmation email (so that I can see that you actually bought the book). I promise to do as many as I can before Christmas….

PS – The Search is being published in 13 countries so far, including Brazil, Latvia, Hungary, France, Germany, Spain, China, Korea, Japan, and the UK. Wow!

Update: The Economist has named The Search as one of the best books of the year. w00000t!!!!

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  1. John,

    I have just stepped off one of those night flights from Boston to Frankfurt. Your book was tremendous compnay on the journey. Congrats and highly recommended! (I have to confess I also watched “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof” on my laptop – still a great movie.)

    Best regards,

  2. John, your book as an outstanding primer to the world of search. As one who is more than casually involved in the area, I bought it partially expecting to have fun with the gaps and omissions. Well, my bad! You really nailed it. Since reading it, I have constantly recommended it to others and just yesterday bought two more copies as gifts.

    Thanks for writing it.

    – Stuart

  3. The true mark of a great book is both the inability to put it down once started, and the hunger for more after the last page has been turned. John’s “The Search” is one of the few books, on any subject, which meets this difficult dual test.

    …and anyone who assumes that unless they’re involved with or interested in search the book’s not for them are sadly mistaken. The information and insight John and his creative and innovative interview subjects share with the reader are widely applicable to anyone who’s goal is to innovate and maximize the value of their company; or the company they work for.

    Regardless of what industry they’re in or profession they practice.

  4. congrats on the book – I don’t know how sales are elsewhere but here in Australia it’s everywhere. I went into one of our book chains yesterday and saw a pile of 100 of them at the front of the shop – obviously they’re seeing it as a good holiday gift too.

    have a good Christmas

  5. Here is another way to get your Book out to the public….


    Want to read a blog revealing how your favorite author was feeling this morning? Would reading it make you buy another of the scribe’s books?
    With Amazon’s launch of Amazon Connect, through which authors can post their thoughts on Amazon’s Web site and receive reader comments, Amazon hopes to boost revenues by interesting customers in the author as a person and subsequently a broader range of that author’s works
    Amazon Connect could also extend to music, movies and other categories, noted Porco, who said the program is “focused right now on the author community.” Thus far, more than 1,000 authors such as Caroline MyssÖ and James Patterson have signed up for the program, which like the customer reviews posts the comments immediately without editorial review


    hmmm… will this post appear on the Recent Comment
    Spotlight 😉

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