One thought on “SJMerc Op Ed”

  1. Your book “The Search” helped me to realize that I wasn’t the only one who donned a tinfoil hat from time-to-time to keep out the scanning of my brain waves. Am I paranoid? No. Cautious? Yes. Your op-ed piece just reinforces what you’d already brought forth in your book while articulating more fully what has happened since to accelerate what search can offer (to both users and, especially, to the search companies).

    It’s not just the search companies able to compile an enormous mine of data about each of us that can be of enormous value. Think about how Apple (and iTunes coupled with an iPod) can already provide them with an amazing amount of analytics about what we listen to and whether we listen to it all (read my post here).

    Many companies I work with as well as friends in high tech are all looking at the amazing business model (and market cap) Google has brought to the marketplace and are all scrambling to figure out how to do something like this for their own vertical markets and/or with their software offerings. Plus, Google, Yahoo, MSFT, and IAC have barely begun showing and leveraging the value of a database of intention and the breadcrumbs users leave when they click.

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