4 thoughts on “Other Shoe Drops: Authors Guild Sues Google”

  1. By suing Amazon regarding used book / new book pricing some time ago Author’s Guild totally discredited itself, and to the general public they’re nothing but a bunch of greedy bastards, probably subletting their office space from RIAA and mob. So even if this case has credit, Author’s Guild will have to fight through a lot of negativity.

  2. Not too surprised to find the Guild throwing in with Old Media. I’m occasionally reminded of a line in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, where Hunter writes about the sixties generation being suffused with an unassailable sense of being right. That’s us today, those of us on the far end of the long tail who’d be happy selling a few hundred copies a year to people who are really into our art. I’m a writer and a proponent of open source writing, which means not only the posting of one’s work but of the notebooks that led up to that work – the source code, if you will. I’ve done several small runs of my own stuff in print, and when I do publish a sellable quantity of future material (novel and/or collection of poems/short stories), I’m expecting giving it away will help me make money, certainly not hinder me.

  3. i think the hole internet is “eating” enterprises like amazon, and many more, not only the enterprises but the writers too… because now on the internet more free code sites are promoting those kind of stuff for free… not only books but scripts and many more… i think internet its a big market, but for the people that lives selling stuff on the internet its getting more difficult…


    p.s. sorry if my english is not that good 🙂

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