Is Anyone Using Bubbler?

Bubbler seems like a cool idea, I'd heard of it before, and now SVW has a write up. It's something of a mashup between blogging and first generation webpage building apps…if anyone is using it, lemme know……

BubblerBubbler seems like a cool idea, I’d heard of it before, and now SVW has a write up. It’s something of a mashup between blogging and first generation webpage building apps…if anyone is using it, lemme know…

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  1. I’m a current Bubbler user, an original beta tester. I happen to like it a great deal. IT’s ideal for someone like me who doesn’t have a lot of spare time (although you wouldn’t know it from the length of my posts), isn’t interested in learning LiveType, and wants to use multimedia. I love tyhe fact that I can incorporate video, music and easily add podcasts (if I ever get to that). The biigest downside is that I think the storage space is rather meager, even at their current price structure. I believe if a service like Bubbler is offering multimedia incorporation, then storage space should be allocated a little more generously. Otherthan that, their customer service is stellar and it’s a very people-friendly alternative.

  2. It’s too bad that everyone from Wisconsin will first think of what everyone else refers to as a drinking fountain… Drinking fountains are often referred to as “bubblers” in Wisconsin…

  3. i had heard about bubbler too.. i signed up about a month ago and it’s very basic but i guess that’s a good thing.. i’ve been posting some of my blogs on there. I tried uploading some mpegs and mp3’s and it seemed pretty quick. for someone without a page somewhere it would be a cool thing to store images ect.. i haven’t gotten very many ref hits off it to any of the sites we have’s my bubbler page

  4. Just started to play around with it and found it a little mysterious in parts but other parts worked very well – that is intuitively. I’m continuing to try it out but I’m not one with a lot of patience for things that sorta work. For example, I wanted to post a note to my 2nd page (it was pretty easy to make a 2nd page). I typed the note in, pressed Update and got a dialog box labeled Alert which then showed me the text I typed in w/HTML tags included but after pressing View Page to see the update, nada. Clearly there is some thing I didn’t do, but the documentation doesn’t really say. So … I’d say work in progress.

    It does look pretty though.

  5. I stumbled across Bubbler via a chance mention on a blog. I immediately jumped on it and have been using Bubbler for several months now as one of the early beta testers. I used it to create a web site for one of my spring term courses here at Portland State University–as a place to set out my syllabus, to make course announcements (via Notes), store graphic illustrations that I use in the course, and spell out assignments and provide documents for assignments. (In another site, created late in the term for another course, I included a blog.) Here’s the first site mentioned if you’d care to take a look:

    My students have appreciated the site and its ease of use from their end of things.

  6. I came across a reference to Bubler on the MacLaw list and downloaded a beta version I have been using Bubbler for about a month and a half, easily creating very different two pages:

    “lennyesq”–a blawg or legally related web log:

    lennyesq (our blawg)

    and “purely partisan politiks”, where I try to point out the absurdities of the politics of those who don’t agree with me.

    purely partisan politiks

    I find the most impressive part of Bubbler is the customer service. If I send a bug report or ask a question, I get a prompt response (within an hour or two) and a very quick update on issues that are relevant to geenral use of the program; e.g., the appearance of the templates in the page design mode.

    Bubbler is improving on a daily basis and has a good chance for success if they can maintain their level of service as they increase their customer base.

  7. My boy came home one day ranting and raving about this new blogging software called Bubbler. I gave it a shot and have not turned back since. Very easy to use, good features… still somewhat buggy here and there but I’m sure those will be fixed sooner rather than later. *thumbs up*

  8. My view as a beta tester and early user: The Bubblerâ„¢ weblog and together with its companion the IM InterComm is extreme useful and time saving for an easy day-to-day interactive communication inside corporations and organizations without flooding unnecessarily the inboxes of email systems. On my side, as a network marketer and consultant in network marketing in Europe (Germany), I see the great benefit and potential in the easy communication within and between teams and downlines. The Bubblerâ„¢ weblog’s output in RSS format allows even for password protected RSS feeds, which guarantees that sensitive information can only be red by authorized individuals. In network marketing, most of the programs and business opportunities offer already websites to their affiliates. So no need for network marketers to create an own full-blown website. Instead, they can use the Bubblerâ„¢ weblog to group their offers and services with links to the related websites. Five Across’ Bubblerâ„¢ and Intercomm really save time and money and enhance in a great way the communication inside companies, organizations and networks!

  9. I like the Bubbler blog. I train California librarians in the use of live chat software.
    I needed something to communicate with, and store documents for, these 200+ librarians scattered across California.
    It’s easy to drag and drop documents and to update the blog. I can update it in moments. Unlike Blogspot, I don’t have to re-format my documents or pictures, which took a lot of time for me. Bubbler tech support has been quick, courteous, and right on the mark.

  10. I got an invite to the beta version at this year’s TED Conference, and immediately set out to build a site. The first one I did was meant to be a little community blog for me and some mountain-biking buddies. As you can see…

    … I was pretty enamored with it at the start. Parts of it are amazingly user-friendly, and it’s FAST. This particular project didn’t take off, but I was definitely impressed by the service.

    But once Bubbler started charging, some of the lustre wore off. There are just too many free blog services out there, and though Bubbler might be hyper-convenient, the others are not too far behind in terms of usability. So for now, I’ll be sticking to Blogger and WordPress – and I expect most other bloggers to do the same.

    I do, however, think that using Bubbler as a tool for building traditional small-business websites could be cool. For $5 a month, it’s really quite easy to set up a professional-looking site… so for independent contractors, eBay resellers, Craigslist posters, etc. it seems like a good solution. Of course, if everything is hosted on Bubbler’s servers, its application as an enterprise service would ultimately seem fairly limited to me.

    I do really like the concept mentioned in the SVW article about offering Bubbler through ISPs… especially if it could be an added-value service built into the cost of broadband access.

    So my opinion is: great tool, sub-optimal implementation for now, but ultimately some decent potential.

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