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  1. Most of the talk around mobile and location seems to focus on access to business directories.

    I think there are some very interesting implications when individuals start to annotate places using location-enabled mobile devices.

  2. Mobile of course will be a core component (even the most important component) of local search, but it is still early days, especially in the US market. In my view, the big question is when and in what form it will come, which depends greatly on the following factors:

    1. Penetration of data usage – While readers of your blog are no doubt using smartphones that effortlessly can browser the web (or at least do a Google search), they represent in insignificant minority, and this will not change anytime in the next 3 years. Even here in Europe, generally at least a year ahead of the US in mobile, there is

  3. One day Blogger will have Trackback…

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    The next leap, in my mind, is Social Mobile Local Search; interacting with people or places based (in part) on our digital identity/profile (including our social network). Duane Wilson, founder of Totalmass (disclosure: who I know from Ofoto), has been working on a vision he and I share for a several years now. Duane’s focus is on Social Mobile, based on Social Agents….

  4. Recent studies show that 105 million of the 200 million American cell phones have text message capability. Moreover, 75% of the marketing messages sent by text are being opened and read. Clearly, this is a great promotional vehicle for the future.

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