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  1. Seth needs to offer up at least one substantive reason for his dislike. I only noticed after someone pointed it out.

  2. First, thanks to John for noticing my blog.

    BUT, I didn’t say I hated Google. Not at all. I made a comment about how the brand is so strong, and so strongly associated with the interface, that OTHER people hated it, including the blog I pointed to (the one that said they were going to switch to the backward google that John referenced.)

    I don’t hate it at all. I believe, though, that Google needs to make a decision about style and finesse. Take the icons on the “more” page. A few are cool logos (like blogger). But a bad piece of clip art (an owl!) for google answers… what’s that about?

  3. this is easiley ,to hack this mirror,but your try
    is so poor.you should hack this page in same saft
    whom use the soft (danger zone0)+with java

  4. your wierd man. I wanted to look at your site more but the school computer i’m using blows. It keeps on telling me that your site is tasteless and gross or some shit. Maby you can do me a favor. Hack into the damn school network for me and send them a message, or just shut the shit down. What’s the world coming to when ordinary kids can’t look up porn and drugs at school? Especially, a site like elgoog. Help me out here I’m begging you. I’ts the St. Paul Minnesota school system. Don’t be a pussy, fuck their network up man.

  5. Ganji: Don’t worry. As soon as you get out of junior high you’ll realize that some people have a sense of decency and that you, in fact, are not cool because you can say what you obviously still consider “bad words”.

    D: She’s typing backwards, shithead. Not too hard to figure out.

  6. Im From Driotwich Spa High And The Damn School Filters Are Wanging Up My Fun. Please Can You Do Something About Thia

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