7 thoughts on “A UI Designer at Google Rants…”

  1. You know, I wondered if it’d come to that. SOrry to see it did. Kevin, maybe you should talk to Jeremy over at Yahoo (you probably have!). He seems to let loose from time to time and live to tell the tale…

  2. That is quite ironic that it is in google’s cache.

    As a general rule, bashing the competition is a bad idea. Even though yahink has a paid listing plan, It seems that link analysis and page characteristics are more important in getting ranked highly than paying for it through the paid inclusion program. Plus, yahink’s and google’s search results have the same separation of sponsored listings. Yahink just has more of them when you search for something that is likely a search for a product you are gonna buy.

    Google better step up the commercialization of their innovations and back off the whining if they want to compete in the long term.
    If his attitude is indicative of google’s attitude as a whole to the new yahink search, they better wake up.

  3. Pete, I’m curious about what you mean by stepping up the commercialization of Google’s innovations? Do you mean that sponsored links are good for the user? That if Google doesn’t make their pages more profitable they’ll succumb? Both? Something else?

    Oh, and to be clear, Google wasn’t whining; it was just me.

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