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Catching Up

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A lot happens when you’re gone for over a week. Here’s what seemed important that I missed, with commentary:

Apple does what everyone thought it’d do. But thanks to FCC etc., the damn thing isn’t available till June. Please, spare me, is my initial take. I’ll buy one when it’s been around at least a year. The AppleTV, though, I may buy if it can do Tivo for me…

Yahoo bought MyBlogLog. You woulda known this if you read Toby’s post here. After all, he is the guy who makes the calls over there. Yahoo also announced Go 2.0 / oneSearch, and a deal with the iPhone. Mobile is certainly heating up. Are we at my prediction 13 yet? No, but we’re gettting there.

The Journal pointed out how lame online measurement is, and how different the year end roundups were from each of the major search engines. Tell me about it.

We lost Garry Betty, CEO of Earthlink. He was a great guy and the industry is poorer for this loss.

Google pulled its tips feature. Seems it has replaced it with top AdWords sponsored links instead.

Many blogs started claiming that Web 2’s bubble was bursting, one week after I predicted the mainstream media would do the same. We all know that the mainstream media gets its ideas from blogs, so….watch out! My take: With thousands of startups in this space, many are bound to peter out, die, or fail spectacularly. Wouldn’t be an ecology without that.

Lots of people started talking about Stickam.

Richard does a search 2.0 poll.

More on Google’s health thinking. Oh, and Google shipped a new version of Blogger right before Xmas. Oh, and Google wants you to help them model the whole earth. OK?

More when I can post more…