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Poll: What’s On the Google Barge?

By - October 31, 2013

USATodayPicGoogleBarge(image USA Today) I’m fascinated by this “Google Barge” story. It reminds me of the Google container stories of years past, which first sparked all manner of speculation, but turned out to be pretty mundane – a portable, water cooled data center, as I recall.

But their appearance in the San Francisco Bay, as well as off the coast of Maine, is laden with the echoes of science fiction blockbusters. As in alien spaceships mysteriously appearing over major capitals around the world.

It may be that this latest apparition will turn out to be hopelessly uninteresting. That’s certainly what most folks are speculating. But what the heck, it’s Halloween, so why not speculate wildly for a moment: What might be the purpose of these barges? What’s inside them? And why are they here, now?

Put your thoughts in the comments. I’ll publish the best answers in a followup post.


Here’s some funny tweets in response:

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  • Mike Speiser

    John – “their”->”there” and “its”->”it’s” – come on, dude!

    • johnbattelle

      Doh. All fixed. I was writing while going into a meeting.

    • johnbattelle

      Hey wait, it *is8 “their”.

  • Rajiv Vyas

    Data centers.

    • legitmategolf

      mmm data centers. Nougaty data centers.

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