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Apple Shows Its Colors?

By - February 01, 2011

Today news comes (from the NYT) that Apple has shifted its approach to content sales, no longer allowing content owners to directly sell access to their own content via apps on iTunes.

This is ridiculous, and if it proves out, spells the end of the media’s love affair with Apple and its platform. Mark my words. Apple’s crossed a line here, and in a short time, it will retreat back. If it does not, it will only power competition where purveyors of fine content can exist without Apple’s universal platform tax. The folks at Google/Android must be doing cartwheels this morning.

Then again, it could be that there’s nothing to this, and it was a random act. The Times piece is sourced to Sony, who may have simply misinterpreted Apple’s current rules – that’s Venturebeat’s speculation. We’ll see.

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8 thoughts on “Apple Shows Its Colors?

  1. Jim says:

    This has always been the case. In-app purchases must be done through the app store, ever since they started allowing in-app purchases.

  2. Robert says:

    Battelle Media, I love it, sounds a lot like my Omnimedia company start up which has yet to go public but has the backing of REAL Montoya.

  3. Brian S Hall says:

    I do think Sony misinterpreted this. And I also think that if Apple attempts this for all (e.g Kindle) there will be a backlash of current iPhone users.
    So I expect Apple to quickly say there is no change here and that Sony was rejected for other reasons.

  4. Apple wants to maximize profit, and will keep all related products in-store.

  5. Francis says:

    I agree with Apple in the sense that you have to develop in-house sales for business expansion.They have reasons for that but all is geared towards lifting the company up.

  6. Dylan says:

    @Jim – It’s not always been the case. Just this weekend I bought a Kindle book using the Kindle App on my iPad which opened an in-app browser window where my purchase was made at Amazon then sent a signal to my Kindle App which synced up and downloaded the book.

  7. diana says:

    Apple wants to maximize profit

  8. George says:

    Perhaps many are overreacting. I think Apple is simply finding a way to turn the tables on the competition. Essentially, Apple is letting the consumer decide where they would like to purchase something. Fair-play at the check-out counter! Kind of a new twist that could boomerang the competition.

    My take, Apple continues to outthink and lead until someone can produce something measurably better than a replicated App Store…