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Nielsen: Bing Overtakes Yahoo In Search Share

By - September 14, 2010


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Way back in January, I predicted (see #8) that Microsoft’s Bing would overtake Yahoo in share to become #2 in search. Today, at least one measurement service seems to have validated that claim, which at the time was a bit far-fetched, given the nearly seven point gap in share between the two companies.

These figures do not consider the Yahoo/Bing’s search deal. From the release, which is not yet up on the site:

According to new research released by The Nielsen Company, for the first time, MSN/Windows Live/Bing Search overtakes Yahoo! as the #2 search engine in the U.S., with a 13.9% share of search volume in August 2010, a 0.25% delta increase from last month.

Although Google saw little change in its month-over-month search volume, it still dominates the search market, accounting for 65% of all U.S. searches.

Yahoo! followed Google and MSN/Windows Live/Bing Search with a 13.1% share of U.S. searches, falling from a 14.6% share in July 2010 to 13.1% (a 1.2% delta decrease or an 8% relative decrease).

In terms of a year-over-year comparison, Google has seen little change in its share of search while Yahoo! has seen a small but steady decline, going from a 16% share to 13.1% (a delta drop of 2.9% or a relative drop of 18%). MSN/Windows Live/Bingโ€™s share has grown from 10.7% in August 2009 to 13.9% (a delta increase of 3.2% or a relative increase of 30%).

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7 thoughts on “Nielsen: Bing Overtakes Yahoo In Search Share

  1. jason says:

    Bing is going to be big but who know how good they can be especially when they are competing with Google. Is anyone going through the conversion from yahoo to Bing – I am wondering how difficult it is for bigger accounts.

  2. Beth Carter says:

    I think that it will be hard for Bing to ever surpass Google at this point in time. They need to be more strategic in their development really creating something that isn’t already offered.

  3. I have said this so many times — it seems that no one is listening.

    Would someone please give an *operational definition* of a search engine?

    For example: Is a search engine?

    Why or why not?

  4. Kristine says:

    I am surprised how Bing got the second spot… Even the market of search sites shows a surprising competition. Congratulations to Google for maintaining their record. It’s too far that Bing will catch up or even the rest search sites. I doubt it.

  5. Rico Suarez says:

    The biggest threat to Google is Google itself. Too many changes lately with Caffeine, Google Instant etc. with no so great results. I think they are creating simple things more complex which is totally atypical for Google. People know how to search, they don’t need any help in typing queries etc. I think Bing will gain more and more, but beause it’s better but because it’s not changing something that works well already.

  6. Strani says:

    I agree with you Rico. Too much bad things has happened to Google lately.

    This Google Instant tops it all. I wonder which testing group did Google use, cos they didn’t do the job right. Maybe they were on the Microsoft payroll ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. What’s bing?