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Is TweetUp Bill Gross' Second Overture?

By - April 11, 2010

It sure sounds that way, from this NYT story.:

Bill Gross, the serial entrepreneur who pioneered search advertising, is unveiling a venture on Monday that aims to make money by allowing people using Twitter to bid on key words to give their posts top ranking.

I’d say this was brilliant if it weren’t for the fact (OK, not fact yet, but my strong sense) that Twitter is going to do something quite similar, soon. I’ve been calling this platform “TweetSense” for some time, but whatever its name, it’s certain Twitter will do something along these lines, and it has a distinct advantage because it sees all the data across the Twitter ecosystem.

But just as with GoTo, nee Overture, nee Yahoo, Gross understands the power of a strong #2. I’m always rooting for Bill, so I look forward to seeing how this develops.

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4 thoughts on “Is TweetUp Bill Gross' Second Overture?

  1. Steve says:

    I’m surprised no article I’ve read on this mentions that people already use tweetup to mean a twitter meetup, not paying money to move your tweets up in search results.

    You think someone at the company would know that and choose a different name.

    And I’ve found klout’s results (which they are using) to be completely useless.

    I’ll wait to say anything else until I see what the search results look like, how clear it is that a tweet is there because of cash, etc.

  2. jimjerky says:

    My question is which company will Yahoo file suit against first?

  3. CreativeFeed says:

    As an active user of Twitter, @CreativeFeed is curious about the effectiveness and functionality of this service.

    * Will paid vs. organic search results dilute the user experience of a genuine and open social community?

    * What will happen to the companies that don’t pay for keywords? Other services that involve paid search results have been labeled as cyber extortioners.

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