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You Say Debacle, I Say Debatable…

By - March 24, 2010

nestle logo US.pngMy daily Signal is up over at FM, in which I break down the Nestle dust up. From it:  

Musing on the recent Nestle Facebook “debacle” (which I do not believe is, or needs to be proclaimed a debacle), Joshua-Michéle concludes: If Nestle neither wishes to change or defend itself on the merits – then they shouldn’t be operating in social media.

Well, yes and no. Yes, in that the sheer beauty of social media is that it forces questions to the fore, and thus forces companies to respond to those questions. But no, it’s not OK, as a strategy, to “not be operating in social media.” I sense, perhaps, that Joshua-Michéle was making the same point in a roundabout way.

My reasoning? Because all of our customers are already operating in social media. You can’t pretend otherwise. And it’s better to engage, make mistakes, admit those mistakes, and move on, than to not engage at all. I call this “conversational judo,” and suggest we all practice it, daily. Twice on Sunday, perhaps….

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3 thoughts on “You Say Debacle, I Say Debatable…

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  2. SEO says:

    I think Nestle should be operating Social Media because It helps to keep in touch to us.

  3. so shife says:

    You live and learn from your mistakes, at least they have something to get feedback and learn from, its now up to them to learn what is right and wrong and implement a gameplan.