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Friday Signal: Location Location Location

By - March 12, 2010

Screen shot 2010-03-12 at 7.17.59 AM.pngToday’s Signal is brought to you by the letter B. For Baseball. Every year around this time my son and I head out to Scottsdale, where our beloved SF Giants play Spring ball. We play hooky for a Friday and see a few games. It’s bliss.  

So despite a few interesting bits of news about location services, Signal will be a bit weak today – back at you strong on Monday. Here are some links worth perusing:

In stock nearby? Look for the blue dots. (Google Blog) Local is the new black. In this case, Google closes the loop between local, mobile, and commerce. Great idea, but it needs scale and participation from major retailers. Lucky for Google, it has AdWords. Which nearly every major retailer uses. Watch this space.

What’s Happening—and Where? (Twitter blog) As I said…location location location.

Foursquare and Starbucks Team Up to Offer Customer Rewards (Mashable) Foursquare is the new black of location for marketers.

AOL Launches Lifestream As New Standalone Product. This Is What Google Buzz Should Have Been (TC) Mike likes him some AOL.

Who Are We Really? And Why Marketers Should Care (AdAge) Smart commentary on our multicultural reality.

Google Is Bing’s 4th Largest Referring Source (SEL) Google is the heart pumping the oxygen of attention around the web (at least, it is for now.) So this isn’t that big a surprise. But it is kind of fun.

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One thought on “Friday Signal: Location Location Location

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