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3 thoughts on “Aardvark Launches Social Search With A Twist

  1. fanoono says:

    Aardvark just a great Social Search,Aardvark = ASK plus web MSN!i love it.i went to your site, but can not sign up.

  2. Derek Tumolo says:

    As far as I can tell, there is nothing new here, they just redesigned the interface and the signup flow.

    Great move though, this eliminates a lot of the “what the heck is this” kind of questions.

    Btw, love aardvark. Definitely my favorite service on the web right now.

  3. sachimo says:

    I just tried out aardvark for the first time. It is a cool idea, but doesn’t anyone else find it a bit clunky to use?

    1. You really have to ask very specific types of questions or else you don’t get what you want back. Its all about wording it correctly.
    2. The IM experience seems quite odd to me, although the idea of getting instant and interactive answers that way makes sense. In the end the command line style input is pretty old school and probably not for everyone.
    3. Do I really trust everyone in all my Facebook groups for advice? Who is this person in my network responding to my question and why should I trust them?