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Yahoo Beats Expectations

By - January 27, 2009

I wonder if Carol Bartz made this rabbit a condition of her joining – Yahoo beat estimates, despite showing a $300mm+ loss in the fourth quarter.

Reports of her first earnings call were generally positive.

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3 thoughts on “Yahoo Beats Expectations

  1. Tom Nocera says:

    Carol Bartz was too smart to climb on board a sinking ship. It would be appropriate to ask during an interview about Yahoo’s near term financial outlook. I hope you get an opportunity to interview Ms. Bartz, as there are so many important questions she could address – aside from pulling the rabbit.

  2. She may be Yahoo!’s best hope in a long time. They need to rethink their approach to the Web. Yahoo! still has plenty of smart people. They just need to let go of the past and develop a new path.

  3. Curtis says:

    I’m sure she knew generally where the numbers were going to shake out. However, she also knew she wasn’t going to be skewered even if the numbers came in bad…..she’s the new kid on the block.