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Google Lays Off Real Googlers

By - January 14, 2009

Goog Layoffs

Google of late has been contracting its contract work force, but today the company announced real layoffs, in its HR group, no less – the folks responsible for hiring. 100 people will be laid off or redeployed, and as SAI notes, it’s a very clear sign that the company is feeling what all of us are feeling – a very significant recession.

When Google catches a cold, it’s a sure bet a lot of other companies have pneumonia, or worse.

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7 thoughts on “Google Lays Off Real Googlers

  1. Adam says:

    “contracting its contract work force” ??

  2. Possicon says:

    The video has started playing. This is just the beginning of what to expect this year. It’s high time people look out for alternative streams of income.

  3. This is what we were expecting Let’s hope for the best

  4. I like the fact that they have decided to reduce their workforce at the par of their org that, if left as is,would keep growing it.

    HR voting for redundancies in their own areas equals turkeys voting for christmas and / or thanksgiving

  5. Right now even companies that are doing well are laying people off to cut costs.Google doesn’t have a cold just yet.

  6. adam hartung says:

    If you can’t grow, what are you worth? Business is about allocating resources to growth opportunities, and layoffs indicate you can’t grow. Layoffs are an admission of no growth plans, and that means you are heading straight into the Swamp. Read more at

  7. Curtis says:

    The big G will be just fine.

    Online advertising will be one of the few bright spots in any industry in ’09, they dominate search, and they’ve got billions and billions in the bank.

    Some companies can & will use the broader downturn as an excuse to cut fat where they’ve always wanted/needed to.