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Display Boosts Search Performance

By - January 06, 2009


I’ve been saying this for quite sometime, that you cannot be half pregnant when it comes to marketing – if you do search, you must do branding, and vice versa. Here’s yet more proof:

Display and search are directly correlated, judging by a Specific Media study of comScore data. Brand- and segment-related searches (for cars, automakers and vehicle classes) jumped by more than 100% in several categories after consumers were exposed to display ads for those brands. …Search clickers exposed to display advertising were 22% more likely to produce a sale than those who were not exposed, according to a September 2008 study of Microsoft’s Engagement Mapping system by Atlas Solutions.

In these hard times, advertisers often focus on DR – direct response – the harvesting of demand. But if they don’t sow seeds, well, no more demand can grow.

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6 thoughts on “Display Boosts Search Performance

  1. nmw says:

    LOL — funny you should mention “proof”. I just wrote a post not only about how “proof” is impossible, but also about how maybe individuals can’t really “discover” anything:

  2. Yaron Galai says:

    Interesting data! I posted a couple of weeks ago about an idea for the mother of all ad pricing, based on increase in search queries rather than on CPM. Post is here –

  3. David King says:


    online advertising…

    has some kind of affect doesn’t it?

  4. Interesting theory but will probably remain so as demand-creation ads or display ads, oh well: “Banners”! are mostly used for search-irrelevant products such as food, cars, services etc. hence their demand realization won’t be on the web and therefore can’t be measured there.

  5. b says:

    wow nmw, you just prooved something with your little blog:

    you really CAN’T believe everything you read.

  6. Jake Hermes says:

    Maynet Haberler writes about “search-irrelevant products such as food, cars, services…”

    Yes, people don’t search for car info.

    And people don’t search for services, such as mortgage loans (back when there were such things).

    Oh wait, people do such searches…?!?