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Will It Float?

By - November 30, 2008

Another Yahoo search rumor, as Om puts it – this one following the general outline of my suggestion way back when that search be spun off and run as an independent company with backing from Yahoo and Microsoft.

This comes from the Times of London, it seems that in UK, reporters are making a habit of, well, not doing any reporting. The use of passive voice makes my head spin. Listen to this:

It is thought that Jonathan Miller, ex-chairman and chief executive of AOL, and Ross Levinsohn, a former president of Fox Interactive Media, have been lined up to lead the new management team. Senior directors at Microsoft and Yahoo are understood to have agreed the broad terms of a deal, but there is no guarantee that it will succeed.

“It is thought”? “Are understood to have agreed”?

Good lord. I’m not a full time reporter any more, but man, this one smells.

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2 thoughts on “Will It Float?

  1. It’s all just hype…

    Nothing is in the works — MSFT is not dumb and they are going to wait this out 😉


  2. Pistol says:

    i think this is the 3rd/4th rumour that the times online have attempted to run. maybe news corp and the times online need a few extra page views to reach target before the end of the year