Aha! It’s the Inbox!

Facebook had a "malfunction" today that reset all my email notifications. All of a sudden, I am getting Facebook notifications in my email inbox about all manner of things. A conspiracist will claim this was on purpose. I'll explain why in the next post….

Facebook had a “malfunction” today that reset all my email notifications. All of a sudden, I am getting Facebook notifications in my email inbox about all manner of things.

A conspiracist will claim this was on purpose. I’ll explain why in the next post.

11 thoughts on “Aha! It’s the Inbox!”

  1. this fun thing didn’t happen to me! you must be an early adopter!

    (ps thanks for the visit to my little corner of the ‘sphere and your comment on my politics /web2 post. above all, thanks for the conferences.)

  2. Didn’t happen to me either, though I wouldn’t put it past Facebook. I try not to use Facebook much anymore- pretty much only for communication with a few select web impaired folks.

  3. hmm… thought this was a smart marketing ploy to draw people in… not hearing any of the normal chatter, log in and take a look… this ensures the interactions happen on their site and not via email. Probably raises the ad views too.

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  5. Just got up and there it was:

    My little notice from facebook that I needed to reset all my notifications!

    No, don’t believe its some conspiracy but undoubtedly many will.

    That’s the nature of complex, remote systems. Peolple naturally tend to personalize things. They search for meaninful “causes” in all sorts of accidents. Remember that old book “Bridge Over San Luis Rey” (I think that was the name).

    It’s the same with those convinced that the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, etc have some secret carefully planned and executed agendas to take over the world for themselves.

    Such complex planning is not even remotely feasable.

    BUT! The truth that must be dealt with is that the BELIEF itself becomes dangerous to social cohesion and should be addressed in a meaningful way.

    Because the reality is that as systems of information exchange become more broadly available, evidences of injustice will be more evident.

    And as world systems become more inter-dependent and specialized, vulnerabilies increase.

    In other words it takes fewer and fewer to do greater and greater damage.

    Therefore I’m less concerned with supposed conspiracies than I am with the failure to address the reasons for that belief.

    Especially when macro-economic forces are currently INCREASING inequity and general system vulnerability.

    Solutions lie in providing meaningful technologies for citizen participation within structures protecting minority rights and encouraging thoughtful solutions.

    This is the focus of my work. At least while I still have a roof over my head.

    Fluid Money-Speech (Political MicroDonation under $1) with systems for association is, I believe, key.

    Political & Charitable contribution (civic action for the commons) through a NEUTRAL platform substantially OWNED by the Donor/Users and supported by advertising and other charity and campaign services(not from a piece of a user’s donation)…

    Catalyzes citizen involvement while serving to reorient corporate advertisers to a greater awareness of the needs of the commons.

    By facilitating neighborhood localization for both causes and charities, opportunities for local leaders to arise will be enhanced.

    The current trend towards political “inbreeding” is real. And this is contributing to unhealthy “group think” conditions as well as apathy and/or resentment amongst all too many.

    Such a platform, if reliable, ethical and with strong User participation in its governance…

    will tend to natural monopoly (which, of course, increases its attractiveness to all parties)

    That is because this is more a LANDSCAPE than an application.

    It’s a public square with compensations for functions lost or compromised due to changes in scale.

    I don’t believe these are trivial issues. Authoritarian governments can be dangerously attractive when times are tough IF representative systems are not well-functioning and their populations don’t believe they can have an effect.

    A Citizen’s responsibility in an area is directly proportional to his ability to have an effect.

    Without improvement in mechanisms of meaningful involvement, we will see a continued growth in apathy, frustration and ultimately a resort to less healthy forms of expression.

    Tom Crowl

  6. wow; is this a complicated way to say that most people are followers and the government or the people should figure out a better way to let the people vent.
    or someone might get hurt.!!

  7. I received an email from them claiming that this had happened. I treated it as a phishing email and went directly to my account online. There had been no change to my email settings. Nothing to fix.

    Now, if they had reset all of my settings to “yes” I would have read them the riot act. The correct thing to do in such a case would be to set all options to “no” (except for administrative email messages) and then require that everybody re-subscribe to the various options.

    However, that would have really caused a disruption to their business. Although there’s clearly a “right thing to do” it would be a really difficult business decision.

  8. @sky – in fact, the same happened to me, but when I got to my Facebook page, all my settings had been changed to default, I presume, which meant I get emails for all manner of things. There was a message up at the top of my page saying “sorry for the inconvenience but your email settings were lost” or somesuch, I did not get a screen shot of it.

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