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Yahoo Formally Unveils APT Ad Platform

By - September 24, 2008

I’ll grok this soon, but is anyone else tired of claims of “revolutionizing” advertising? From AdWeek:

Yahoo! executives are not setting low expectations for the company’s forthcoming advertising platform, likening its effect on advertising to the advent of color television and introduction of the DVR.

At a press conference to unveil the newly renamed platform, now called Apt, Yahoo!’s top executives promised a sea change in how advertising is bought and sold across thousands of Internet sites. Yahoo! will introduce Apt widely in 2009, with its 784 newspaper partners using the system by the end of this year.

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  • db

    anyone else tired of claims of “revolutionizing” advertising?

    Yes. Especially the ones that reference “conversational marketing”.

  • ann

    ‘scuse me- not that this has anything to do with the actual content of the post- but just what does the post-title mean?

  • John Battelle

    @db Oh SNAP! But I have never claimed CM was a revolution. It’s a natural evolution and outgrowth of a shift from PGM @ann, APT is Yahoo’s new “revolutionary” platform for ad sales online.

  • PK

    did you misspell “Formally” in the title?

  • John Battelle

    Yep. Rushing too much. Fixed. Thanks.