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Second Day Story on Ad Planner

By - June 30, 2008

MediaWeek reports:

After taking several days to digest the news, the digital media world has reached the conclusion that the launch of Google’s new media planning product isn’t likely to bring upheaval to the Web metrics business. And it probably doesn’t represent the feared first step towards total advertising—and ultimately world—domination by the search giant either…..

“They need to add so many things, it’s not even a consideration at this point,” said David Smith, CEO, Mediasmith, who pointed out that Ad Planner lacks deep demographic data and a reach/frequency function. “It’s absolutely not ready for prime time.”

True for now, but don’t get comfy thinking that version 1 of this product is going to be the last version…knowing David, I bet he’s watching this pretty closely.

Update: Yep, David sure is paying attention, here’s his story on Ad Planner in today’s Mediapost.

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One thought on “Second Day Story on Ad Planner

  1. PR AD says:

    Years ago, a large firm would wait until they would release a new product that had all the innovations they ultimately wished for.

    But with all the competitive pressures AND the focus on letting consumers be beta testers – they can now give in to the demand to release and grow depending on the feedback from willing beta and must-try users.

    When you really think of it, the consumers and the hungry tech blogs are acting as inexpensive unpaid product consultants who supplement the companies own Developers.