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The Day Is Coming

By - May 08, 2008

Remember when I said this:

Expect display and video ads on the home page of Google very soon.

Well here’s a summary from a Bloomberg story via IWantMedia:

Google May Run Display Ads With Searches

Google is considering running display advertisements alongside the results of Web queries for pictures, moving beyond text-based ads. “There’s lot of potential for advertising revenue there,” says VP Marissa Mayer. Google is seeking new revenue sources as its growth slows.

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11 thoughts on “The Day Is Coming

  1. Beatles says:


    wonder if we will see the day when Advertisers can bid to have their images appear as sponsor listings on Search results….

    This is not being sarcastic – having a page one result for a competitive term can bring about as much traffic as being on the organic listings

    And it is quality traffic because users know in advance what they are clicking on

    This is from experience – we get more image hits for the term ‘BEATLES’ and ‘GEORGE HARRISON’ from the image search than we do from almost all of our rankings on the organic results

  2. jay says:

    Time to switch to Yahoo.

  3. prefabrik ev says:

    Looking a blinking, moving, las vegas style web page is really disturbing. It’s not easy to swich but google shouldnt push it anymore.

  4. JG says:

    Google’s new motto:

    Gaudy and relevant


  5. seo results says:

    Interesting, so kinda like what is doing but without the binocular rollovers. Thanks for the good read.

  6. Chris Kilkes says:

    An old cliche comes to mind, “what’s old is new again.” When I started out doing search 9 years ago 468×60 banners keyed to specific medical ailments for a certain medical client posted on Hotbot were all the rage, until…the results came in, no one clicked on graphical ads for phlebitis.

  7. nmw says:


    maybe not on HotBot.COM or Google.COM — but what about on ?

  8. Andrew S says:

    Ads on Google’s home page would not hurt Google.

    Experienced users almost never visit directly; the use the search bar in their browser.

    Other users are so accustomed with google text ads swarming all over random pages on the web that they already associate google with covering their screens with ads.

  9. nmw says:

    I find ‘s approach to branding / advertising is much more compelling than google’s — it sticks the logos right smack in the center of attention during the search process. Google’s advertising only kicks in if/when people are already dissatisfied — not a very positive brand experience (if you ask me ;P).

    But I do wonder: what would Google advertise on the homepage? Amazon.COM? Ebay.COM? YouTube.COM? …?

    Perhaps they could upload videos about artificial intelligence or something like that?

    Or why wouldn’t they try to push their radio and/or TV ads?

  10. Serkan says:

    Looking a blinking, moving, las vegas style web page is really disturbing. It’s not easy to swich but google shouldnt push it anymore.

  11. Lou Paglia says:

    Just proves that Google, like no other company, is invincible to the power of raised stockholder expectations. In my opinion, this is when you see revenue objectives overpower product decisions and in this case, change from the good things that gained you success.

    Google has held strong to not monetizing its homepage and stating that they don’t do it because they are search first. Notice Mayer’s comment is directed at what? Advertising.

    Big change if it happens. Or at least it is a big turning point, IMO, of a big change.