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Facebook: New Ad Plan

By - November 30, 2007

Facebook has released the details of its new approach to user control:

Under the changes outlined late Thursday, Facebook’s 55 million users will be given greater control over whether they want to participate in a three-week-old program that circulates potentially sensitive information about their online purchases and other activities.

Facebook provided two different opportunities to block the details from being shared, but many users said they never saw the “opt-out” notices before they disappeared from the screen.

With the reforms, Facebook promised its users will now have to give their explicit consent, or “opt-in,” before any information is passed along.

More coverage in the Times.

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One thought on “Facebook: New Ad Plan

  1. jenkins says:

    They should hire some ex-Quigo folks. I’ve heard their system is better than Google’s. Just a thought. Seems like young Mark just made a very ‘childish’ mistake. Time for a new CEO. They cannot afford many more of these.