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VoicePost From The CM Summit

By - September 11, 2007

This is a post I just did from the CM Summit, as part of a workshop. More to come!

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Yahoo: Thanks for the Idea, but Nope

By - September 10, 2007

Yahoo apparently considered outsourcing search monetization (WSJ), but decided against it:

….over the summer, Mr. Yang did actively assess one major sacred cow: the Web-search-advertising business it built up at great expense in recent years. Under the scenario discussed by top executives, Yahoo would have outsourced that search-advertising activity — which places small text ads next to Web search results — to either Google or Microsoft Corp., the people say. One of these people says Yahoo raised the idea with Google.

Such a move would likely give Yahoo an immediate revenue bump representing hundreds of millions of dollars annually, because Google, for one, generates about 40% more revenue for each consumer search than Yahoo, according to Majestic Research Corp. in New York. It could also bring in additional one-time payments from any outsourcing partner and would reduce some of Yahoo’s operations costs and capital spending.

But one of the people familiar with the matter says Mr. Yang concluded that Yahoo needed to be the “marketing operating system,” providing advertisers with a full menu of online-ad options.

My previous “modest proposal” on the subject here.

CM Summit

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Cm Sold OutI’ll be off duty for the most part for the first half of this week, as we host the CM Summit in San Francisco. It’s sold out, which is a good (and terrifying) thing.

Monday Update – Google and Universal Ads, Er, Search

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This is one of those topics that, when things calm down later this year, I intend to dig into. But for now, read SEW’s overview of the news: Google is hinting at far more varied types of ads integrated into its universal search results. Uh huh. I’ve written about this in the past, stay tuned.

Update, Dariusz, a reader and former honcho at AOL search, has a gif of an interesting banner on Google he found.

Update 2, never mind, was a firefox thing and not a Google ad!

Patriot Update: Gee, Guys, You Can't DO That!

By - September 08, 2007

Yes, I write from time to time about how I’m deeply skeptical of the US Executive Branch’s current trend toward monarchical power for the Presidency, and in particular, I have written many times about how I am no fan of the PATRIOT Act. Danny does the reporting on good news:

A US district court judge has ruled that it is unconstitutional for the US government to send secret letters demanding search records from search engines. A provision of the Patriot Act has allowed for such letters to be sent to search engines, ISPs and others by the Federal Bureau Of Investigation — and made it illegal for companies getting such FBI demands to even reveal the requests at all in general. Today’s ruling found that violated free speech rights.

Previously on Searchblog on this topic.

Update: Oh, and by the way, if you think our government never overreaches when given too much power without enough oversight, read this.

Google Reader Added Search and ….Er…This is News?

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Last week the world (OK, the Techmeme world) got excited because Google added search to its news reader. Huh? What? You mean it didn’t have it before? I use Shrook on the Mac, and it’s had search forever. Is it so hard to do in an online environment? Does Bloglines not have search? I can’t imagine it doesn’t.

Huh. I don’t get it. I’m stunned it didn’t launch with search. I mean, it’s Google, right?


By - September 07, 2007

Yeah yeah yeah!Thanks for the link Andre!

Web 2 Program (Draft 1) Is Live!

By - September 06, 2007

Logo Websummit

I’m very proud of the program we’ve put together for this year’s Web 2, with Rupert Murdoch, Chris DeWolfe, and Mark Zuckerberg headlining the first night, Steve Ballmer, Philippe Dauman, and Meg Whitman on day two, and Randall Stephenson, J. Craig Venter, and tons of others rounding it out. Check it out, I’ll be back later to talk through more of it…Release is here.