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Google and Being Social

By - September 20, 2007

A note to myself that this is worth digging into: Google Shared Stuff. I can’t wait to write more about the impact Facebook and the impending issues of opening up the social graph will have on both Google and the world writ large.

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4 thoughts on “Google and Being Social

  1. James Brunskill says:

    Why doesn’t it link up with Google Reader’s shared items?

    Looks like very much a first attempt, and seems to almost crash by browser when adding an item.

    Very interesting to see google exploring the space anyway…

  2. Soren says:

    This to me will go down as a sign of Google trying to do too much. If Microsoft’s heavy handed ways in the past made them disliked by much of the younger tech-savvy web community, Google’s desire to have a piece in everything online will gain them similar opponents in the next generation of entrepreneurs.

    No doubt adding all this stuff is great for the next quarter profits, but in the long room if they are seen as trying to have a piece of everything, and overthrowing smaller start-ups in the process, they will be as Microsoft is today — very wealthy but without much of the trust and respect they once had.

  3. Stone says:

    Is anyone surprised that Google wants to be in every good online space? If so – don’t be. They have ambitions that make Microsoft seem sleepy. Google truly does want to rule the world. Have you noticed? They want to be in: search, contextual, brand advertising, widgets, personal start pages, finance, social networking, classifieds, shopping, payments, health care, blogs, digital books, patents, 411, video, spreadsheets, word processors, presentation applications. Should I go on?

  4. Travis says:

    It definitely does seem like a rough first attempt. They certainly haven’t widely publicized the launch of the service, possibly because it’s a little clunky right now. I think their challenge will be getting users to adopt the Google Shared Stuff system – otherwise, it isn’t useful, since there are easier ways to share stuff on the other social bookmarking/networking sites.