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Cool: and RockYou

By - September 04, 2007

From TechCrunch:

This weekend photo widget startup RockYou started to integrate results into slide shows shown on the RockYou site (example). For now, results are limited to showing shirts on sale that are similar to the ones being worn by people in the photographs. Viewers can click through and purchase a shirt that look similar to the one their friend is wearing in the photos.

I like (er, sorry) the idea of using images as search queries. Soon, well, in a decade or so, nearly anything can be a query – a photo you take with your phone, for example, a gesture you make with your eyes. I can’t wait.

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One thought on “Cool: and RockYou

  1. Robert Scoble says:

    John, I have an interview with one of RockYou’s co-founders (and head geek) here:

    You’ll probably enjoy it. Oh, and I do need to get you on my show. Will figure that out with you in email.