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Suing the Gray Hats

By - August 20, 2007

Aa Search

The trademark question keeps on keeping on. Friday American Airlines sued Google for trademark infringement. This is the same kind of suit that so far has gotten nowhere, recall American Blinds and the tons of others like it. When you look at the kind of companies that come up when you do a search for “” or “American Airlines,” however, they are not United or Delta. They are cheap-o (literally) AdSense arbitrage services that perhaps irritate American because they subvert the airline’s ability to gouge its customers by directing searchers directly to the AA website.

Just a thought.

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WordPress v Moveable Type

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I’ve got pals at both companies, and our authors at FM use both (I use MT). I’ve always wondered about whether the grass is greener, here’s Mashable’s handy review of both.

After tallying it all up, WordPress comes out on top beating Movable Type in many areas.

Overall, Movable Type is a well put-together offering by SixApart definitely warranting a try: we’d say it’s actually superior for no-nonsense business people who want a professional solution fast. However, WordPress is the stronger offering for the general user with great features and an unsurpassed community.

In a few months, as Movable Type heads towards greater openness, we think the gap will be closed. MT will certainly be worth another look around that time. And frankly, if you plan to spend many years with your blog platform of choice, why not try out both and see which one you prefer?

Heart or Head?

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Having had multiple brushes with serious injury, several involving my spine, I’ve come to the conclusion that the most important organ in the process of healing is your brain, no matter where the injury is. This piece in the Washington Post really intrigues me. A fellow who has an artificial heart claims he has lost the ability to feel emotions. He feels “cold hearted.”

I think this is all in his head. And I have no right to say that, as I’m no expert. But that’s what I think.

Voice Post: On Being "On Island"

By - August 16, 2007

I’m working too hard. Or playing too little. How about you? Is August slower, or faster than you’d like?

Microsoft's Positive Trajectory

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It’s a short story, but I wanted to note it as we see what Microsoft will do in search in the coming 12 months. From Reuters:

“Over the next 12 months, we’ve got a very aggressive engineering plan with multiple releases of search coming forward. So, I think we are on a positive trajectory,” (Microsoft President Kevin) Johnson said in an interview.

DRM Lessons

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Ken gives us a good one, in this early (Aug 12) piece on the lesson of Google shutting down video purchases.

See, after Google takes its video store down, its Internet-based DRM system will no longer function. This means that customers who have built video collections with Google Video offerings will find that their purchases no longer work. This is one of the major flaws in any DRM system based on secrets and centralized authorities: when these DRM data warehouses shut down, the DRM stops working, and consumers are left with useless junk.