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Voice Post 2: Privacy, Ask, etc.

By - July 26, 2007

In this post I ramble a bit about the privacy issue. I so wish I could call out links! I am going to ask our FM tech team to work on this….
Meanwhile, the links I reference include the Data Bill of Rights and this announcement from Ask and Microsoft. Om’s take is good too.

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2 thoughts on “Voice Post 2: Privacy, Ask, etc.

  1. Keith Teare says:

    Now – if my baby was still alive you could just say the keyword instead of calling out links 🙂

    Maybe I should resusitate it. Hmmmm

    Keith Teare

  2. JG says:

    Om writes: “For a nominal fee of say a $1 a month, they should offer us ability to erase our search behavior every week.”

    While I agree with the spirit of Om’s post, it really bothers me that we would have to pay extra to stop a search engine company from doing something that costs them extra, to begin with. It would be cheaper for the search engines not to cache any queries because they wouldn’t have to buy all the extra hard drives, and more processors to handle the caching and the data management.

    So why should it cost me anything, for them to save even more money? A premium service, in my mind, should be the one where I explicitly ask them to cache my queries so that I can make use of them, personally, later. The default, non-premium service should be the one in which they don’t spend the extra hardware, software, and electricity costs caching all my queries.