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Integration, Microsoft

By - July 26, 2007

That’s the name of the game, now that it’s acquired AdECN and the aQuantive acquisition is set to close. I’ve heard from very good sources lately that Ballmer spends more than a third of his time “thinking about the media business.” Well, time to stop thinking and start integrating…

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Folks Leaving Google

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It happens, part of the deal, vested, done what they think they can do, then they leave.

Games Work

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At least, that’s what Microsoft learned with its recent search share increase. Covered by SEL here.

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About Femtocells

Poor indoor coverage often prevents mobile customers using cell phone services at home and is impeding take-up of multimedia 3G offerings. Ubiquisys was formed in 2004 to address this challenge by bringing its innovative ZoneGate femtocell technology to market. The ZoneGate femtocell is a small ‘zero-touch’ plug-and-play device that plugs into a home broadband connection and provides high-quality 3G coverage in the home. Unlike WiFi, ZoneGate allows people to use their usual 3G cell phones to access services. ZoneGate means excellent mobile coverage at landline rates and allows mobile carriers to deliver innovative new services right where their customers need them – in their homes.

The ZoneGate system is unique in applying a standards-based approach to network integration by supporting both UMA and SIP/IMS protocols.

For more information, please visit

And this:

Ubiquisys Ltd, pioneer of intelligent 3G femtocell access points for the residential market, today announced it has secured B-round funding totaling $25m. The company’s A-round backers– leading technology investors Accel Partners, Atlas Venture and Advent Venture Partners – have been joined by search engine Google in the investment.

Google seems obsessed with connectivity, no?

Ask Eraser

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TsWhile I’m obsessing on issues related to the DBoI, I failed to cover the AskEraser last week. Fortunately, Ars did. took a major step toward protecting protecting the privacy of its users when it announced yesterday that it would be launching a new tool that would allow users to use its search engine anonymously. The tool, called AskEraser, will ensure that users’ search records will not be retained by the company in any form for any period of time. Users will be able to set AskEraser settings in their privacy preferences, and the company says that the settings will be clearly displayed on results pages so that users will always be aware of the privacy status of their searches.


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Look, if you’ve read this site for a while, you know that from time to time I delve into politics. Not that I want to, or that this site is about it, more that politics forces its way into the site – the issues I care about deeply often intersect with politics. Well, often enough.

Today is such a day. Atty General Alberto Gonzales is in hot water – again – for possibly lying under oath about a bedside visit to an ailing former Atty General, a clandestine visit that had to do with securing (unsuccessfully as I understand it) permission to execute a warrantless domestic-spying program.

What the hell does this have to do with search?

Everything, everything, folks. The core issue here is warantless wiretapping. In other words, access to your Database of Intentions without due process.

My hand aches. I can’t write much more. I may voice post on this Friday, as I have some time in the afternoon. But I sense a Big Story brewing, and I am, well, pleased it’s finally breaking.

Updated: Hakia Bows Highlighter & ScoopBar

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Hakia, the search engine start up with big plans, added a new feature today: The Hakia Highlighter. I’ve been playing with Hakia for a bit and I like the new approaches to interface I’m seeing there. This new feature is pretty small, but it shows that upstarts can play around with new stuff easier than the incumbents – there’s less to lose.

Highlight Hakia

Update: Hakia announced the ScoopBar as well, another tool for searchers….

Voice Post 2: Privacy, Ask, etc.

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In this post I ramble a bit about the privacy issue. I so wish I could call out links! I am going to ask our FM tech team to work on this….
Meanwhile, the links I reference include the Data Bill of Rights and this announcement from Ask and Microsoft. Om’s take is good too. Goes To RH Donnelley

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I am happy for Jake Winebaum, the CEO of, who I’ve known for a long long time. From the release:

R.H. Donnelley Corporation , one of the nation’s leading Yellow Pages and online local commercial search companies, today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire, a leading business search engine and directory and pay-per-click advertising network….Under the terms of the agreement, R.H. Donnelley will acquire for $345 million in cash and deferred purchase consideration.