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Marchex Moves in A Hot Market

By - June 28, 2007

Domains. Content. AdSense/Affiliate models. There’s tons of gold in them thar hills. Marchex is panning….or rather, working some hydraulic strip mines

SEATTLE, WA – June 27, 2007 – In the largest-scale Web site launch of its kind, Marchex, Inc. (NASDAQ: MCHX, MCHXP) today announced that it has launched more than 100,000 of its local and vertical Web sites, publishing more than one billion Web pages of content, features and functionality for consumers looking for local services and information online, along with highly targeted local advertising inventory.

The newly launched sites now feature more than 15 million business listings across all major yellow pages categories, a deep refinement system, user-generated reviews and ratings, and third-party expert reviews aggregated by Marchex’s Open List local content publishing engine.

Watch Demand Media in this space as well. And Name Media…here’s a NYT blog on it…

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4 thoughts on “Marchex Moves in A Hot Market

  1. nmw says:

    get and run an RSS of the NYTblog on it!

    ;D nmw

  2. nmw says:

    get and run an RSS of the on it!

    ;D nmw

  3. Bill Balderaz says:

    User generated content + company profiles were also recently announced on a site I work with, The site offers 45 million company profiles that can be enhanced by our 4 million monthly visitors. We’ve had great responses, and are finding that a lot of company owners, especially in small and mid sized business are adding to their own company profiles.

  4. Ted says:

    Marchex, to me, is crap. 100,000 websites? What happens if you want to contact someone from one of those websites? There are 380 employees at Marchex, not 100,000+.

    100,000 bulletin boards is more like it.