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More Bits of Tid

By - March 11, 2007

So much happening.

I am in Austin for SXSW, a wonderful group of people are here. I have a few posts brewing but for now….

On to the tidbits:

– If you have Vista (and I have more to say about that soon) Microsoft is starting to roll out non browser-based search integrations. It’s also working on dealing with the competitive threat of Google Apps.

– Ask keeps pluggin’ away with innovations, this time in local search.

– You all know I dislike the Patriot Act. I am not alone. Just as we all expected, the powers of the Patriot act proved too much to resist, the FBI has been caught and called out for putting on Patriot’s secrecy ring….my precious! A related video is worth a view.

– Good to see the remixing trend getting more support….this time from Battlestar Galactica.

– Everyone’s happy to work at Google? Not this guy.

– Matt Cutts goes on the record saying Google isn’t inclined to trap user data. Watch this space.

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