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Google Audio Ads

By - December 07, 2006

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Google has released more info on their plans on the AdWords Blog.

Google Audio Ads brings efficiency, accountability, and enhanced ROI to radio advertising by providing advertisers with an online interface for creating and launching radio campaigns. You’ll be able to target your customers by location, station type, day of the week, and time of day. After the radio ads are run, you will be able to view online reports that tell you exactly when your ad played.

Over the last year, we’ve been partnering with both terrestrial and satellite radio stations across the U.S. so that our advertisers have many options for broadcasting their ads — whether it’s a Country station in Tyler, Texas or an Adult Contemporary station in New York City. Currently, there are hundreds of stations to choose from and we hope to grow the list over the coming year. Our broadcast partners are looking forward to making their ad inventories available to thousands of new advertisers, especially since they aren’t easily accessible today.

“Audio Ads” FAQ

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4 thoughts on “Google Audio Ads

  1. I think, a new ad method. I think, AUDIO ADS are the future advertising in internet. While surfing on the internet you can here ads.

  2. dcplus says:

    I hope I can add the AUDIO ADS assp on my new site:)
    but how about the AUDIO ADS effect!

  3. Radio ads are the most effective means of marketing if you have to reach your customers. With the help of radio it is possible to reach in every corners of the country. Yes,I think audio ads will gain lots of importance in future and will help lot of companies in doing so.

  4. trip trap says:

    Audio is cool. I think a good new method. perfect for advertising