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IAC Buys Into Content

By - August 15, 2006

I had a very intersting meeting last week with Michael Jackson, the man Barry Diller has appointed as the head of interactive programming for IAC. He’d been in New York, the Valley, and LA trolling for new ideas. Seems he’s found one – this morning IAC announced they had bought a controlling interest in Connected Ventures, which runs, among many other things. I’ve known and worked with Josh Abramson, one of the founders, at Boing Boing and FM. Congrats to him, and to IAC, which seems primed to do more deals like this one.

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5 thoughts on “IAC Buys Into Content

  1. Didn’t Barry Diller publicly scoff at the emerging online video market as recently as a few months ago? It seems even bright guys like Barry Diller can initially miss emerging trends in this quickly changing landscape.

  2. libicki says:

    or scoff at it publicly to argue against the value of any given company in that space while privately evaluating and holding down the price of potential acquisitions as much as possible through such tactics..

  3. Can I suggest something to Barry Diller? Have more people to answer the phone.

    I have a budget that I am ready to spend with ASK. After 4 calls, 3 messages and 2 e-mails I still have not been able to reach a live person to speak to. Strange.

    If I need to, I can speak with Google, Yahoo and MSN. Why can’t I speak with ASK people? Busy?

    Even after I wrote about this in my blog and got hundreds of people in the industry reading this … no change.

  4. King Troll says:

    Igor I think the problem is that he doesnt give a shit about you, your petty $200, and those “hundreds of insiders” you have reading your b.s.

    Frankly, neither does Battelle, the board , or I.

  5. We (the Ask Sponsored Listings team) wanted to post in response to Igor’s comment earlier today. While we don’t offer live phone support for self-serve advertisers, we hope that our records are correct and that we have responded timely via phone and email to each of Igor’s questions.

    That said, we recognize live phone support is an important support channel and are in the process of determining how best to implement it. In the meantime, we recently introduced a toll free Ask Sponsored Listings voicemail system for self service customers where they can leave their support questions in the form of a voice message (1-877-453-3837). We check this system regularly throughout the day and respond as quickly as possible. We are dedicated to making the experience with Ask Sponsored Listings a positive one, and while this is not live telephone support for all of our customers, we are getting closer to that end goal.