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Google search market share: up, side, down?

By - August 23, 2006

Compete says up, alongside conflicting data from Hitwise (reporting a fractionally smaller boost) and NetRatings, recording a slight slip down. By Hitwise’s measure, Google search share grew .4%, to 60.2%, in June. Neilsen-NetRatings shows a tiny dip of .2% in July. Tracking different metric sources, Compete reports that Google’s market share actually increased by .5% in July.

As mentioned earlier, Danny Sullivan is sharing some thoughts as he carefully picks through the details in a skeptical survey of all this. In response, ComScore wrote: “We agree with your assessment that a single-month decline does not constitute a trend. In fact, comScore also observed a similar seasonal decline for Google during the same period last year,” before ascribing it to seasonal fluctuation.

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2 thoughts on “Google search market share: up, side, down?

  1. SorenG says:

    Maybe there should be a mass movement to not use Google search for an entire month, and we can then see which of places pick its it correctly :-).

  2. David Stutter says:

    Thanks for pointing out how there’s a good amount of uncertainty with these numbers. Anyone who makes investment decsions based on the latest traffic number release is nuts.

    The actual companies are really the only ones who know how accurate these numbers are. If the numbers are vastly different than what they’re seeing, there’s a strong possiblity that they’re wrong across the board.