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Google As Napoleon

By - August 12, 2006

EcongoogRemember when I posted about that Haas School of Business Study that I was interviewed for? Well, the Economist has read it now, and has an article keyed off both the study and the recent Google/MTV/MySpace deals here. The piece compares Google with Napoleon. Really.

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7 thoughts on “Google As Napoleon

  1. Nicholas says:

    spellcheck alert, mon general!

  2. Doh! Doc, more percocet, please…

  3. Ellis says:

    That is funny, Google looks a little taller than him.

  4. It is a commentary about our societies – when Business has gone from Sports Rivalry to Warfar Analogies

    Now thriving = logistical conquests

    Dear Lord

  5. martin says:

    Maybe it is a bit far sought, but the situations certainly have some similarities. I agree with mr.Saffo that a merger is not the solution.

  6. Cash says:

    Napoleon became a legend because Clausewitz distilled his strategies into book form. Looks like you will have to do a new book on those Google guys.

    I did an article comparing most businesses to the cast of “Weird Science” but I haven’t gotten any phone calls from The Economist about that. Go figure.


  7. Zaur says:

    and it will crush as Napalean 🙂