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Fail Fast, Scale Fast

By - July 10, 2006

Tim has a great post on his conversations with Microsoft’s Debra Chrapaty, VP of Operations for Windows Live.

People talk about “cloud storage” but Debra points out that that means servers somewhere, hundreds of thousands of them, with good access to power, cooling, and bandwidth. She describes how her “strategic locations group” has a “heatmap” rating locations by their access to all these key limiting factors, and how they are locking up key locations and favorable power and bandwidth deals.

..As Shakespeare said, “The game’s afoot.” Debra put more servers into production in the last quarter than she put in place in all of the previous year, and she thinks this is just the beginning. Operations used to be thought of as boring. It’s now ground zero in the computing wars.

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3 thoughts on “Fail Fast, Scale Fast

  1. David says:

    For the record, I think it was Sherlock (Holmes), not Shakespeare.

  2. Ellis says:

    I agree David, it was Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle

  3. Darryl W says:

    another vote Sherlock.

    Good post