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By - July 28, 2006

A curious guy, named Tony Ruscoe, was digging though one of Google’s many latent registered domains and found some interesting stuff. On the Sandbox subdomain (recently serving Checkout), Google is running experimental services. Although existing user names don’t permit log-in, Ruscoe says he was able to create a new account on Sandbox and add new services, currently unavailable to regular users.

In the experimental bin, added 14 services to his “sandbox” account. Some of these are already disclosed, so only the surprises are listed here: Google Events, Google Guess, Google Online Assessment, Google Real Estate Search, Mobile Marketplace, New Service (AKA Workplace), and New Services.

Highlights: * Google Guess, as Ruscoe writes, “How many guesses do we get? This really could be anything!” * Google Online Assessment, he speculates is an internal tool–again, pretty vague. * Google Real Estate Search. * New Services has “code names like cf, gmt and voice.”

* Mobile Marketplace: Maybe number 13 in John Battelle’s Predictions 2006 post will come true. Maybe Google will finally plug mobile “into the web in a way that makes sense for the average user” and maybe they’ll also be the ones to create “a major mobile innovation – the kind that makes us all say – Jeez that was obvious.” But we’ll see…

* New Service (AKA Workplace): Maybe this is the big one people have been waiting for; the one that will really kill Microsoft Office. At least, if it’s at all related to IBM Workplace it could be. I don’t know an awful lot about this, so if anyone else feels more qualified to talk about it, please go ahead. All I know is that it’s got something to do with – so that’s why it could be the killer…

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2 thoughts on “Dig into

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this!!!

    Gave this a Digg – so if there is an EXTREME traffic spike -over the weekend, be prepared :LOL

    Let’s just hope Google doesn’t remove them.


  2. Guillaumeb says:

    mmm yeh I too am waiting for this Office killer. However I believe it will be much more than that.
    I think it may rather be a complete online office gathering the Google version of Writely (hoping they’ll rebrand it) and Google Spreadsheet but also an office with Gmail, GCalendar, the famous GDrive and more…

    I have in mind something like a branded browser (yah know MSN Explorer for example) but all being webased…a real platform gathering every tool.
    I also forsee some subscription plans for a professional or an Enterprise version of this platform.
    It may also be something extendable and customizable with modules like the microsoft gsdgets. And of course….some of the professional modules will be downloadble for few bucks.

    but hey those are just my 2 cents…let’s wait and see (though I HATE waiting for this kind of stuff!!!)