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Cox and Craigslist: A Cautionary Tale?

By - June 08, 2006


Tom has the scoop on Cox, a cable ISP which also happens to own a lot of newspaper assets, blocking Craigslist. The culprit is a third party filtering service, but….apparently Cox isn’t exactly rushing to fix this. It’s been three months. As Tom points out, it’s not like it takes three months to delete a site that was mistakenly put on a filtering blacklist.

PS – I love the tagline Cox uses for its digital services: “Your Friend in the Digital Age.” Unless you use craigslist, of course.

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3 thoughts on “Cox and Craigslist: A Cautionary Tale?

  1. Austin says:

    I use Cox…and have been using Craigslist for a while.

  2. Cox Communications says:

    Cox does not block access to any legal website and Craig’s List is no exception. The problem lies with how the Security Suite software interprets Craig’s List’s initial packet connections, which results in an extremely slow connection.

    Authentium — the company that designed Cox’s security software — is aware of the problem and their engineers have modified the firewall driver by creating a beta version that resolves the issue. This version will be part of the next release of Cox High Speed Internet Security Suite and will be available to all Cox High Speed Internet users later this summer.

  3. Anand says:

    Seems like a cox and bull story that it takes 3 months to be taken off the list. What do they physically open the server and erase that section of the hard drive?