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Hey, Your Content Chocolate Is In My Portal Peanut Butter!

By - January 19, 2006

And the mashup continues.

SEATTLE – Inc. plans to broadcast on its Web site an original show hosted by Bill Maher and featuring performers and authors touting new releases — which, not coincidentally, will be for sale at the online retailer.


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The 12-episode Webcast series, which will begin airing June 1, is the first offering in what the Seattle company says is a broader plan to add more original programming to its Web site.

Next up: Yahoo sells books, and Google sells videos. Oh, wait, that’s already happening…

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5 thoughts on “Hey, Your Content Chocolate Is In My Portal Peanut Butter!

  1. It seems that ‘multi-purposed’ companies is a natural move during business growth. But also, history shows that this move opens space for new specialized business, for specific niches. Maybe, on some near future, a company that “just sell books” will become the next hype…

  2. Maher? I coulda sworn it was Dennis Miller.

  3. Mark says:

    The growth of today big companies isnĀ“t holding back, so every companie can sell everything one day and earn a lot of recognition *g*.

  4. How lame that they’re only streaming it, though.

  5. Kevin Marsh says:

    Delete button added in gmail.


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