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Welcome to the Desktop, Intruder

By - December 02, 2005

With its desktop search, Google integrates your desktop info into Google’s interface, but of course your data isn’t really *on the Internet*. Or….is it?

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7 thoughts on “Welcome to the Desktop, Intruder

  1. SB says:

    This is actually a bug in IE and can be used to exploit much more than just Google Desktop. GDS was just used as an example and everyone seems to think that this is a bug in Google’s software.

  2. I love Google and i don’t have anything against Microsoft. But, in this case, I consider the MSN Desktop Search much better than the Google Desktop Search.

    It gives me more refined results and, in my opinion, is prettier.

  3. Ariel M says:

    Regaurdless of whether or not it is private/safe or secure, ‘Google Desktop’ has done a terrible PR job. Why should I trust this insipid crawler? The payoff isn’t nearly high enough, the utility replaceable, and the sense of potential intrusion is undeniable.

  4. ThePoster says:

    @ carlos … i think too like you. i think in the future we will read many about this msn and google´s desktop search. i hope the spidered personally datas are safe :rolleyes:

  5. I tried Google Desktop once and found it lacking anything useful or anything that worked in a way that was useful. For example, I felt the way it handled Gmail was terrible.

  6. Todd Henley says:

    glad I use Firefox!

  7. Peter Bale says:

    Desktop tools ultimately have to become ubiquitous and so useful you don’t notice them any more. I find the Google Toolbar indispensable despite having several others available. Our site has just offered what we hope is going to be a very cool alternative which will give us vital space on the desktop. The downloadable search tool, from blinkx, on Times Online , gives access to our news, competitors, a full web search, fantastic web video search, blogs and health. The advanced version has the blinkx PC search which I find I am increasingly using to find those hard-to-track Outlook items and documents. I remain extremely cautious however about loading personal financial details into Google Desktop or anything else.