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It's On

By - November 01, 2005


Gates is unveiling an online version of Office, and “Windows Live” – a MSFT answer to the rest of the web. More as it comes in.

Here’s more from MarketWatch. Nothing surprising … but it’s on.

And Cnet’s coverage:

Kicking off what he called the “live era” of software, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates on Tuesday said the company plans to launch new Internet-based complements to its core products.

Gates said Microsoft is working on two new products: “Windows Live” and “Office Live” that create new opportunities for the company to sell online subscriptions and advertising. Both are targeted at smaller businesses and consumers.

The new products won’t replace the company’s ubiquitous operating system or productivity suite. “They are not required to use Windows or Office,” Gates said.

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4 thoughts on “It's On

  1. I have a list of a bunch of people blogging this here:

    They are showing off Windows Live. New URL is . Dave says it doesn’t work on Firefox, but it seems to be working here. and are two other sites that were demoed. Sean Alexander has a brief note about those.


    Welcome to Beta
    Get started with – your page, the way you want it.
    Discover more about Windows Live

  3. Gary Price says:

    When I go to it looks VERY SIMILAR to Microsoft’s “incubation experiment”, that’s been around for many months.

  4. getvendors says:

    I would say it was “start” now it is “live” and soon it will become “archive”