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Funding Indeed

By - August 08, 2005

Indeed-TmThe New York Times and Fred at Union have funded Indeed to the tune of $5 million. I share an investor in the Times, and Fred is a pal (and he gives Searchblog props for making the intro ….). I’m happy for all parties involved, and wish them well.

Fred’s write up here.

My previous posts on Indeed here and here.

Update: I should have mentioned that SimplyHired was also funded, and by major Google hitters, late last week.

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3 thoughts on “Funding Indeed

  1. Is Indeed YAJS (yet another job site)? Where is the innovation? This space is hot:, Yahoo!/Hot Jobs, CareerBuilder, Craigslist, Indeed, Simply Hired, Jobster, Linkedin, YorZ, ZoomInfo…

  2. Dimitar – it’s hot because it aggregates job posts from other job sites, has excellent search[1] and provides RSS feeds of search results.
    [1] I may be a little biased, as I was involved in creating their early search prototype.

  3. Obi Igbokwe says:

    Indeed isn’t just another jobsite as it brings focus to a new way of searching – vertical search. Why go to several sites to find a job, when you can visit one site that does that for you. Indeed has inspired my company to work on the same concepts and we have developed sites that provide more specialized searches: for Biotech and Health IT jobs

    HealthCareerNet for health care jobs