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Judge to Google: Hands Off Dr. Lee For Now

By - July 29, 2005

Lee-1From MediaPost:

A JUDGE IN SEATTLE HAS temporarily prohibited computer scientist Kai-Fu Lee from working at Google. Lee had worked at Microsoft until earlier this month, when he gave notice that he would join Google to lead its China office. “The equities dictate that a temporary restraining order … should be entered,” wrote Judge Steven Gonzalez. He also ordered Microsoft to post $1 million by Tuesday, which could be used to compensate Google and Lee if Gonzalez or another judge later decides that Microsoft wasn’t entitled to the injunction.

MSFT still has a page up for Dr. Lee.

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4 thoughts on “Judge to Google: Hands Off Dr. Lee For Now

  1. Todd Henley says:

    I agree with the judge here.

  2. nan says:

    I agree with the judge here too..

  3. Andrew says:

    Some say that there’s a disagreement between Microsoft claims that he’s a search expert and Google claiming he’s a Speech rec and UI expert.

    Indeed, he can be both. Especially for Chinese, a language that isn’t well-suited for the keyboard.

    Love to hear your thoughts on that, John.

  4. Neil Patel says:

    Google must have known what they were getting themselves into. They probably did this for a reason and knew to some extent the possible outcomes.