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Google Video Adds Channels

By - May 02, 2005

Goovid-1As of today, Google has added 12 additional channels including Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, Discovery Health Channel, and CNN.

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Page at UMich: Slashdot Ponders

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A Slashdotter and recent UMich engeineering grad records Larry Page’s commencement speech at UMich. From the thread:

“(He spoke on) topics ranging from dropping out of Stanford to start Google to “Thinking Big” and the abundance of venture capital to traveling to Mars, curing world hunger, and well, much much more.”

With No Irony Whatsoever…

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Federal Computer Week notes that federal agencies are wary of desktop search tools because of the potential for “third parties” to gain access to critical files.

Andrews said two main problems plague all desktop search appliances. If security is breached, either by an intruder using an unattended machine or by theft of a desktop or laptop computer, prowlers can find sensitive information faster.

Employees of law enforcement agencies, the FDA and other regulatory bodies can easily expose confidential investigations. The second concern is that when employees use free software, agency officials cannot control the applications as much as they control enterprisewide deployments. …

…He also questioned privacy ramifications of desktop search tools that reveal information to third parties. The free programs are supported by advertisers on Web pages.

Andrews raised other significant concerns about agency officials’ adoption of free software, because government interests may not be aligned with the interests of corporations that offer the free resources.